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Financial Domination Princess Money Mistress KiaraBuy Financial Domination Mistress Kiara's Yahoo IDBuy Financial Domination Mistress Kiara's Skype ID   Mistress Kiara: Lifestyle Dominant and internet BITCH since 2006, I’m a brutal, sadistic femdom Princess. I want nothing more than to hear your cries, whimpers, and moans while you are teased and tortured for My own sadistic pleasures. It is obvious that your place in life is serving a Superior Goddess, and that Goddess is Me. I am stronger, smarter, sexier, and just plain better than anyone – especially you.

I love most fetishes which involve a Woman over a lowly man, but My favorites are financial domination, blackmail, forced intoxication, spanking/flogging, chastity, cbt, humiliation, sissification, forced bi, anal training, small penis humiliation, and tease & denial.

Financial Domination Princess Money Mistress MalvasiaBuy Financial Domination Mistress Malvasia's Skype & YahooIDMistress Malvasia: you are paying to talk to Me, use your time and MY money wisely. I have boys contacting Me, groveling at My feet, begging to worship Me. What makes you so fucking special? I don’t know what you want, and chances are I don’t care. Tell Me your fetishes, maggot, and all your deep dark secrets.I know you have some disgusting, nasty fantasies that you can’t tell to anyone else. It’s ok for you to express your most secret desires to Me, because I just don’t give a fuck. your depraved mind can’t come up with something that would surprise Me, I promise. And what’s more, I will not only be your debauched therapist, but I’ll also help you delve deeper into your nasty little fantasies.

I’m a hot, sexy, intelligent, tattooed bitch, and you will cater to My whims. My every little fancy shall be satisfied by you little fucks. Financial domination, financial bondage, blackmail fetish, sissification, forced bi, humiliation, forced intoxication, chastity, cbt, body worship, small penis humiliation, key holding, cuckolding, I do it all, and I’m GOOD at it.

Financial Domination Princess Money Mistress AshleighBratty Bitch Ashleigh: I’m Princess Ashleigh, the punky little Bitch who will accept nothing less than your full attention. And of course you paypigs will have to work your loser asses off for even a SECOND of My attention! Let’s face it, that’s all you’re good for, especially because your tiny dick isn’t big enough to please such a sexy, beautiful Princess like Me! I’m here to be worshiped and treated like the Princess I am. I expect to be spoiled rotten, so get to it!

My sweet face may fool you at first, but never underestimate the sassy Bitch that I really am. Don’t even think of throwing that money at anything or anyONE but Me! I’m more important than the girlfriend that most of you will probably NEVER have LOL!Some of my fetishes are as follows: foot worship, financial domination, sissification, humiliation, cum eating instructions, teasing, public humiliation, verbal degradation, smoking, blackmail, crossdressing, tease and denial, and most of all, sadism.

Financial Domination Princess Money Mistress SeleneMistress Selene Lilllian: Hello losers. If you’re looking for some ditzy girl to tell you what a stud you are, well, then you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s all about Me, and I go to whatever means necessary to get what I want from you. I use everything possible to take control, exploiting your fetishes and pathetic little fantasies, and wrap you around my little finger. The more I manipulate and abuse a male’s mind, the more excited I get. I know that I could get you to do things you’d normally never do, and I will use it against you.

If you spend enough, and are pathetic enough, you might make Me happy. I will use blackmail against you, perhaps, extortion, probably, but oh well, you were weak enough to do it anyway so you should pay for it, and pay dearly you will. Get used to your new purpose in life. You are going to submit yourself to me because it is your one desire. My happiness is above all else. You are not worthy of an audience with Me. You are not worthy of My attention. You are not even worthy of licking the soles of my shoes without paying for it by the minute. Call Me now and if you’re lucky you might hear Me mocking you and laughing with My friends about what a loser you are.

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