Cash Slave ‘sissy doughboy’ Abuse – Free Clip!

Cash Slaves Aren’t for Domina Nessa

Wow, We have been busy here lately! But not too busy to make you this free clip ;3 Unfortunately, one of the Princesses, Domina Nessa, decided to leave the business of humiliating cash slaves for money. She also demanded that her images be blurred in any video or pics We have of her… Seems like not every female is superior nowadays… But Our loss is your gain, pets! Because We had to blur out her face, We feel it’s not fair of Us to charge even Our most devoted cash slaves for this clip, so We’re posting it here for free!

Cash Slave Doughboy’s Legacy

cash slave forced foot worship

As many of you know, the Princesses LOVE playing with Our toy, doughboy! he is a loaded cash slave who books sessions with Us every few months. This pig is hilarious too! he loves humiliation and being sissified, but even more fun is his love for beatdown sessions! doughboy’s favorite thing is being kicked, punched, slapped, head scissored, and grappled by beautiful, bitchy Financial Dommes. And We are MORE than happy to deliver!

Free Clip – Sissifying and Beating Cash Slave Doughboy

In this amazingly fun clip, the Pretty Punk Princess Financial Dommes flex on doughboy for a good 5 minutes. We use our boxing gloves (which he bought us, of course) to punch his stupid face and belly. We all take turns bare-handed slapping him as well, and then Mistress Kiara jumps in for some kicking fun! Most of the outfits and shoes that the Financial Dommes wear in this clip were purchased by doughboy before the session as well. Such a good cash slave – the rest of you should take notes! Here are some convenient buttons to lead you in the correct direction…

financial pig humiliation by financial dommes

This clip features the Queen, Mistress Kiara, and Her friend Empress Hana from Pretty Punk Princesses, along with a special guest Dom Mal! The three of Us take turns abusing Our pathetic cash slave, then We dress him up like a sissy whore. We make him wear pantyhose to hold in his tiny loser dick so it doesn’t flop around while We beat him, along with a slutty lacy body suit that looks awful on him lol! he’s literally the ugliest sissy ever! When he’s fully sissified, We laugh, humiliate him, and beat him some more!

Want More Cash Slave Humiliation?

That’s it for now, pets, but stay tuned! We have a lot of new and exciting updates planned for the near future! Until then, check out some of the other hilarious doughboy clips that are for sale in Mistress Kiara’s stores, and be sure to visit some of the Princesses on Their personal websites to serve Them individually like a good cash slave…

Beating, Sissifying, and Wallet Fucking doughboy
 Dom Mal and Mistress Kiara Abuse doughboy and fuck his wallet
Doughboy’s Debut with Mistress Kiara
 Mistress Kiara Sits on doughboy’s Face & Counting Her Cash


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Empress Hana’s Debut Clip!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the happenings of the Princesses, SHAME ON YOU! If you have, then you know that We have been working diligently in order to make sure that all of Our clips are available for you to purchase on ALL of our clip stores. That means that no matter what, you don’t have an excuse for not serving Us.


Now that all of Our old clips are up for you to worship and drool over, We have a brand new clip available with a new Princess! Empress Hana has been with Us and doing sessions for a few months now, but this is Her first clip. That means you better make Her feel welcome by buying it, all of you!financial domination humiliation findom mistress ebony domme

Buy Financial Domination Mistress Findom Princess Money Slavery Mistress Clips C4S Buy Financial Domination Mistress Findom Princess Money Slavery Mistress Clips KB Buy Financial Domination Money Slavery Findom Princess Fetish Clips at IWantClips

This is Empress Hana’s debut clip! Watch as She and Mistress Kiara count, flaunt, and caress the ca$h you gave them, all the while humiliating you for the very act of paying Them. The Princesses have a lot to say about what They think of you, how you can please Them, and exactly what your place is in Their lives. Can you handle the humiliation from 2 hot Bitches?

*NOTE* For some reason, some of the previews are distorted. The clip itself, however, is in 1080p.

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Mistress Kiara’s Birthay Aftermath

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom cash slavery tribute

Every year, Mistress Kiara likes to have a contest to see who will send Her the most gifts and tributes for Her Birthday. This year’s top contributor was Her little doughboy, who juuuust managed to squeak by with his tributes, dinner, shopping spree reimbursement, and real time session. There was one VERY close runner up, though, who definitely deserves mentioning. Her “little coke piggy” stayed up all night partying and tributing, his one night total reaching just over $1700.
forced intoxication real blackmail Mistress paypal tribute

Not bad, for a new boy who wanted to treat Mistress Kiara to a fun Birthday! But, as I said, doughboy stomped even this eager puppet’s determination and blew past him with what he spent on Her this year. It started off with a $500 shopping spree on Amazon that he reimbursed Her for…

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom cash slavery shopping spree

And then, just like for Christmas, he took Mistress Kiara out to dinner. The place they went to for Christmas wasn’t so great, and Mistress Kiara LOVES upping the steaks (pun totally intended!) so they went down the street to the Chop House, which was more expensive and MUCH more impressive. Mistress Kiara got an $80 wagyu steak with a couple sides, and She says, “it was AMAZING! Almost certainly the best steak I’ve ever eaten!”

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom cash slavery birthday dinner

Afterward, doughboy surprised Her by having the waitress bring out a birthday cake just for Her. “I honestly thought we would just have our dinner and discuss birthday fun later, but it was really sweet that he told the waitress before I even got there that we were celebrating My birthday!” She recalls later. And, of course, on their way out, doughboy walked Her to Her car and gave Her the shopping spree reimbursement in cash.

But the REAL fun came about later during their real time session! First, before She even set out for the hotel suite (which doughboy of course paid for), Mistress Kiara got Herself a sexy pedicure – also courtesy of the Bank of Doughboy. She’d never had rhinestones added before, so She had 3 put on each of Her sexy, perfect big toes, just as an added Birthday bonus!

sexy feet femdom foot fetish pedicure polished toes

Don’t you just LOVE how they came out? What would you do if you were the lucky boy who got to kneel at Her perfect feet? The nail salon finished Her pedicure unexpectedly  early and She ended up getting to the hotel a few hours before doughboy was supposed to arrive. Of course, the sexy, polyamorous cuckoldress that She is, Mistress Kiara has 2 hot boyfriends who helped Her enjoy the hotel until doughboy arrived…

sexy femdom fetish cuckold cuck cuckoldress Mistress

And when doughboy finally got there, they had a TON of fun! It was a day of firsts for him, with a couple firsts for Mistress Kiara as well! They, as usual, had a lot of beat down fun, grappling, face slapping, foot worship, etc. And, as usual, he gave Mistress Kiara a nice fat tribute – $1100 this time.

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom money slavery cash point meet

But the big fun came when doughboy allowed Mistress Kiara to take his ass for the first time in decades, and he also drank Her golden nectar (a first even for Mistress Kiara!) right from the toilet. They enjoyed countless other fun fetishes – spitting, worn panty gagging, cum eating, etc. But We won’t go into too much detail because they got it all on video! Look for a new clip from Mistress Kiara featuring doughboy soon! But here’s one final picture of all of the cash that he gave Her together. This $1600 plus the $240 ($300 with tip) dinner he bought makes him this year’s Mistress Kiara Birthday Tribute Winner at about $1900. Better luck next year, boys… And remember, NEVER stop trying to impress and spoil the Princesses! ;3

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom money slavery cash point meet

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HOT! Empress Hana Joins the Princesses!

Buy Ebony Financial Domination Empress Hana's Skype IDEbony Financial Domination Wish list

Financial Domination Princess Money Empress Hana

Hello again puppets, We have exciting news today – EmpressHana has joined the Pretty Punk Princesses! This means that there’s even MORE hot Bitches for you to serve! She can be found on Niteflirt, Skype, Twitter, and will soon have Her own debut clip in Our clip stores! But let’s let Her introduce Herself…

Humiliation Mistress Empress Hana SPH

“I am the perfect monarch flower whose very feet are worth more than your whole disgusting, perverted existence. Peasants beg to be worth My time, wishing for My appraisal, as if they’ll ever get it. What makes you think you’re worthy of My Time? You’re nothing than what’s in your wallet, and that never equates to My Value. You will serve Her Highness with eternal gratitude. You live to bend to My will like the spineless tramp you are, because I am what keeps you together. I will help you fulfill your darkest dreams and desires, despite your limited and weak imagination. You will helplessly accept your place below Me.

Humiliation Mistress Empress Hana flip off middle finger

I’m a sexy, intelligent, tattooed Goddess, and your goal is to keep Me entertained. I’m nothing less than Spoiled and Perfect, and you will cater to My every whim. My fancies involve sadism, domination, humiliation/degradation, foot worship, electric torture, spanking, blackmail, sissification, small penis humiliation, forced intoxication, and anything involving you serving Me.”

forced bi gay Mistress Empress Hana strapon strap-on strap on

Empress Hana is available for phone, IM, and real time sessions in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, as well as group sessions with any of the other Princesses. To set up a session with Empress Hana, send an email to

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Mistress Kiara’s Newest Blackmail Faggot

Ok, time for some real talk, freaks. Mistress Kiara has been at this for over 10 years now, and there’s one thing that She loves more than any other fetish, and that’s blackmail. Most of you freaks THINK you know what blackmail is, but you don’t… you want play. But what She craves is ACTUAL control… What She wants in a blackmail slave is someone who’s willing to surrender it ALL to Her… Put their life completely in the hands of their Blackmail Mistress… And little loser [NAME REMOVED FOR $100 TRIBUTE] here understands that perfectly…

tiny dick rubber blackmail slave for blackmail Mistress Kiara

This little chastity seeking latex slut is sending it ALL to Mistress Kiara… Not just his keys and his money, but she also has so many hilarious pics of this freak that She’ll never run out of embarrassing blackmail material!

sissification blackmail slave for blackmail Mistress Kiara

Can you believe this freak? he even sent Her a pic of his driver’s license! LOL! Anyone in Germany want to pester Her chastity-wearing latex slut?

blackmail fetish loser benjamin fiegl

Look at that stupid look on his face. Do you think he knew this was coming when he was getting his driver’s license pic taken? LOL! Enjoy the rest of his loser gallery while Mistress Kiara pampers Herself with his cash!

blackmail fetish loser benjamin fiegl

sissification blackmail slave for blackmail Mistress Kiara

tiny dick chastity blackmail slave for blackmail Mistress Kiara

blackmail fetish loser benjamin fiegl

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Real Time Wallet Draining

Mistress Malvasia and Mistress Kiara had a fun real time meetup today with their newest pay pig! The pig took his new Mistresses out for coffee at a local Panera and quickly emptied his wallet on command. There wasn’t much in it, but he did promise to take Them both shopping next week! And in even better news, he’s excited to be filmed with his new Princesses, so look for some great fetish clips from the Pretty Punk Princesses featuring this pig! After they talked with the pig for a whole hour (lucky pig!), the Goddesses went and spent his cash on clothes, bath bombs, and snacks at Whole Foods.

Want to be their next lucky pay pig? Visit the Goddesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Send an email to the Pretty Punk Princesses and set up your appointment today! prettypunkprincesses(at)Gmail(dot)com

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Stupid blackmail loser

Mistress Kiara has a hilarious special update – a blackmail loser who keeps coming back wanted his pics posted here, and paid a pretty penny to get them here as well! you will recognize him, I’m sure, as the loser from Our humiliation station on Greedy Goddesses

–From Mistress Kiara’s Dungeon

So many of you may remember this loser, the one who, after being blocked as willbro_kin and nuggets720 and frizz_citi and range_swivel, and black_rose888, and goldeneye818, made a Niteflirt screen name and contacts Me via NF.

For those of you who don’t remember, he’s the blackmail loser who made these HILARIOUS pics for Me, and then decided not to pay:

 Blackmail Mistress slave

Blackmail Mistress slave

Blackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slaveBlackmail Mistress slave

Then he told Me how he’s becoming addicted to his blackmail Mistress – how he wants this to last as long as possible… he asked if he could send Me more pics to post on My site so here they are!

Blackmail fetish blackmail Mistress humiliating autofellatio blackmail slave
Blackmail fetish blackmail Mistress humiliating autofellatio blackmail slave


Blackmail fetish blackmail Mistress humiliating blackmail slave
Blackmail fetish blackmail Mistress humiliating blackmail slave
All this is old news – your Blackmail mistress has already told you about all this. But guess what? he’s STILL addicted to Me and he STILL wants to send Me blackmail pictures! LOL! So here are 7 more hilarius blackmail pictures, some of which I took during cam sessions he bought. he didn’t want them posted, but he didn’t pay so this is what he gets. May this be a lesson to all My blackmail losers…. Oh, and james – it’s $200 per picture to get them taken down, so start paying!
financial domination slave blackmail fetish slave financial domination slave blackmail fetish slave financial domination slave blackmail fetish slave financial domination slave blackmail fetish slave
range2-300x225   financial domination slave blackmail fetish slave financial domination slave blackmail fetish slave
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